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Neoflam Cutting Board

The neoflam 17 plastic cutting board is a microbead free and dishwasher safe cutting board that is perfect for creative chefs or home cooks. With a black marble and red color scheme, this board is perfect for turning hermankas, rarily, into culinary triumphs. The non-slip silicone feet andmicroban antimicrobial protection protect your countertop from bacteria and snacks.

Buy Neoflam Cutting Board

The neoflam cutting board is a great way to keep your kitchen clean! It is easy to clean, and has a dishwasher-safe design so you can take it to the washroom without any issues. The board has a non-slip surface, so you can easily move it from one dish to another, and it is also dishwasher-safe so you can be sure it will never get dirty.
the neoflam cutting board is a great way to keep your dishwasher clean and looking great! It comes with 3 cutting boards, so you can add or subtract what you need, and it is also dishwasher safe. The neoflam cutting board has a bpa free and drip juice handle which makes it easy to use.
this compassionate neoflam cutting board is perfect for your dishwasher! With its sensitive, flexible cutting handle and clear icons, it makes sure your dishes is cooked perfectly. The non-stick surface is also easy to clean – just clean the dishwasher and the knife sharpness will have been improved.